Hot Octopuss PULSE II

hot-octopuss-pulse-2Hot Octopuss PULSE II ($134)

A popular male vibrator that now comes in the form of a couple’s sex toy – providing stimulation for both him and her together!

This is a unique sex toy that incorporates patented PulsePlate technology.  The versatile vibrations come come in the form of 5 different patterns and 9 different speeds!

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The Ultimate Blowjob Toy for Men

If you were designing the ultimate sex toy for men, a fully automated sucking machine that provides amazingly realistic blowjobs on demand would be close to most dude’s goal. Well after years of research and a million dollars raised on Kickstarter, the world’s most advanced blowjob machine for men is finally here – the Autoblow 2!

Cyberskin Cock Booster

cock-boosterCyberskin Cock Booster ($23)

Give your cock a boost, and satisfy your partner like never before, with this cyberskin penis extender and girth enhancer.

Made from realistic Cyberskin, your partner wouldn’t know the difference if it wasn’t for the 2 inches of extra length and the 1/2 inch of extra girth.

She’ll certainly feel the difference when you are pumping away inside her with this thing on your cock.

Feels great to wear too!


lelo-bobLELO Bob ($49)

The LELO Bob is one of most popular and highly rated prostate toys for men in the world.  A true luxury men sex toy, the Bob is a masterpiece of design both aesthetically and functionally.

This prostate massager will hit both the male G-Spot as well as providing deep anal insertion for a mastubatory experience that cannot be rivalled.  If you think the Fleshlight is all there is to male masturbation, then you need to try a prostate toy like the LELO Bob.  You will be amazed!

Fleshlight Original

originalFleshlight Original ($79)

The original Fleshlight, and arguably still the best sex toy for men on the market.  The Original Pink Lady comes with free lube and is your perfect introduction to the most famous men sex toy range in the world.  If you’ve never tried a Fleshlight, then you don’t know what your penis has been missing.  Fleshlights are made from unique patented Superskin material – some say better than the real thing.  There’s no arguing that a Fleshlight is far better than using your hand – the next best thing to a real pussy.

Tenga Deep Throat Toy Standard

Tenga Deep ThroatTenga Deep Throat Toy ($12)

One of the most popular men’s sex toys ever made, the Tenga deep throat employs sophisticated virtual vacuum technology to produce the sensation of a really deep cock sucking!

The authenticity of the experience is increased by the incredible slurping sound the toy makes every time you stroke your penis with it.  The tightness of the suck can be manipulated by adjusting a valve at the top of the toy.

Note that this men sex toy is intended to be used once only, and comes pre-lubbed.  Buy it to give your penis a treat, or perhaps to take travelling with you when you might find yourself needing a quality discreet and clean wank.

Mangasm Prostate Toys for Men

mangasm alphaMangasm Alpha ($54)

Mangasm produce one of the best range of prostate toys for men, including classically styled prostate massagers such as the Mangasm Alpha (image left), as well as prostate vibrators and even the world’s first electronic prostate stimulator.

Mangasm’s prostate toys tend to be both cheap and easy to use, so they are a good choice for men who have never used a prostate sex toy before.

If you click on the image you can watch a number of videos of the various mangasm prostate toys being used.

Rotobator Toy

rotobatorRotobator ($94)

The Rotobator is a rather unique sex toy for men in that it doesn’t stroke you, it spins you!

Wrap the blue masturbation sleeve around your penis, switch on, and you’ll experience sensations that you never thought possible.

The Rotobator is something like a cross between a male stroker and a vibrator…for men!

If you have a penis that gets desensitised easily through masturbation, then the Rotobator probably isn’t for you.  For most men, this unique toy should definately add a new thrill to your masturbation sessions.

Mastomatic Sex Toy

Mastomatic 2The Mastomatic Automatic Stroker ($119)

The Mastomatic 2 is one of our favourite automatic men’s sex toys. The mastomatic will glide up and down your penis automatically – hence its nickname as the lazy masturbator. Don’t you sometimes feel a little horny, but a little lazy at the same time? Well you’re lucky if you have a hot girlfriend you can just click your fingers too and ask to suck you off. If not, the Mastomatic lazy masturbator is highly recommended – just lie back and look at the sky (or your bedroom ceiling) whist the Mastomatic gently tugs you off. Like the Autoblow, the Mastomatic comes with a fully variable speed control.

Doggy Style Debbie Realistic Masturbator

Doggy Style DebbieUr3 Doggy Style Debbie ($41)

Measuring just 6 inches, this realistic masturbator isn’t life-size, but it’s still an incredibly life-like little masturbator for the price.

Made from famously skin-like Ur3 material, the Doggie Style Debbie allows you to pound a sweet ribbed love canal doggy style.  Pound your balls against the sweet ass cheeks of Debbie – flat base allows it to rest on any flat surface for hands free masturbation.

The masturbator has a small pocket for you to insert a vibrating bullet if desired.

The five inch ribbed canal is open-ended for ease of cleaning.